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‘Carolmac’ McLemore, PA, Ret. USAF
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‘Carolmac’ McLemore, PA, Ret. USAF
Choice Realty Carolmac & Co., Inc.
P. O. BOX 1054 MANGO, FL 33550
Welcome to the Tampa Bay Area! I would be honored to serve your Real Estate needs. With my 25 years of full time experience I am sure we can find you the perfect fit. I am retired from the U.S. Air Force and MacDill AFB. I served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm as General Schwarzkopf’s Flight Attendant and I am originally from Seattle, Washington. I love Tampa and serving people is my perfect cup of tea, so let’s talk soon and share a cup!
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    While businesses have been suing their insurers, commercial landlords have also been filing claims against tenants that have skipped rent, citing similar coronavirus losses. While no database tracks these cases, several recent rulings have gone against tenants. Movie theaters — one of the sectors the pandemic has pushed to the brink — have found little solace in the courts. In early […]

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